Exploring Review Data with Track

Exploring Review Data with Track

Track provides oversight to individual file Reviews and allows users to view the status, due date, Reviewers, and more of each review. Managers may use Track to provide a high-level update to Executive Management.

To access Track, click the ‘Track’ button.

To Track Reviews, click ‘Reviews’ in the menu below the ‘Track’ button.

On the Reviews Track page, you will see information on all the Reviews from the workspaces that you have access to.

If you want to filter Reviews based on a Workspace(s), click the drop-down menu titled ‘Workspaces’ and select the Workspace(s) of interest. You can select as many Workspaces as you wish.

You can also add more filters based on Review status, due date, and Reviewer by clicking the Filter menu highlighted in the picture below.

You can also view the Reviews in a Kanban Board format by clicking the ‘Board’ button. Reviews will be categorized by the following statuses ‘Ready,’ ‘In Progress,’ ‘Revisions Required,’ or ‘Complete.’

From the Table or Board view, clicking on a Review will open the Review panel.

To go directly to the files, click on the File in the Table or the ‘Open’ button in the Board.