Exploring Review Data with Track

Exploring Review Data with Track

Track provides oversight of all of the reviews to which you have access. It helps provide a high level view of all of your reviews with the ability to quickly update statuses, check in on overdue reviews and more. Managers may use Track to provide a high-level update to Executive Management.

To access Track, click the ‘Track’ button.

To Track Reviews, click ‘Reviews’ in the menu below the ‘Track’ button.

Using Track for Reviews, you can see all the reviews for the workspaces which you have access to. You can opt to see  those reviews in Table or Board views using the ‘Board’ or ‘Table’ buttons on the top right of your screen.

Table View for Reviews

Next to most of the column headers in the Table view, there are toggle options that sort the columns from A-Z or from highest to lowest. This can help you organize your priorities around overdue Reviews, unresolved Reedback, status and more.

You are able to modify the Stage and Status of a review directly in the Track table. You can do that by selecting the dropdown arrow next to the Stage or Status.  

If you want to filter Reviews based on a Workspace(s), click the drop-down menu titled ‘Workspaces’ and select the Workspace(s) of interest. You can select as many Workspaces as you wish.

You can also add more filters based on Review status, due date, Creator, Reviewer, and overdue reviews by clicking the Filter menu.

Board Reviews for Kanban

You can also view the Reviews in a Kanban Board format by clicking the ‘Board’ button. Reviews will be categorized by the following statuses: ‘Ready,’ ‘In Progress,’ ‘Revisions Required,’ or ‘Complete.’

Opening Reviews or Files

From the Table or Board view, clicking on a Review will open the Review panel. To go directly to the files, click on the File in the Table or the ‘Open’ button in the Board.