Workspace Roles

Workspace Roles

There are three different levels of access for individual workspaces: Limited Access, Full Access, and Admin. The ability to use certain features depends on the user’s access level for that workspace. You can check your permissions for an individual workspace in two ways:

Option 1: Check the workspace icon in the top left of the application. Limited and Admin access will be displayed as a badge on the bottom of the workspace icon. No badge will be shown for Full Access users.

Option 2: Click the profile icons on the right of the top bar to view the permissions of all users in the workspace.

A modal will appear showing all user permissions in that workspace.

Disabled features will be greyed out and an tooltip saying “Your account doesn’t have permission to perform this action” will appear when hovering over the feature.

Note: Individual permissions can differ between workspaces. You may have Full Access in one workspace and have Limited Access in another. If you require a higher level of access, request it from an Admin in that workspace. Follow the step above to see who has Admin access.