Verifying Feedback was Actioned

Verifying Feedback was Actioned

When feedback is provided, it’s often hard to validate that a piece of feedback was addressed in the new version or not. Often times, the quality check to ensure the changes were made does not happen. With CoLab's feedback filters, you can verify that feedback has been actioned and addressed in a new version.

Using the feedback filters, you can easily view feedback from previous file versions to ensure that the comment was actually addressed in the latest version of the file. Here's how you can verify comments were addressed between versions:

  1. Once a new revision is uploaded, open the file and click the Feedback button on the right sidebar to open the feedback list
  2. Click the ‘Filter’ button in the top right corner of the feedback list panel on the right of your screen to open the filter options
  3. Under 'Priority', Select the ‘All’ filter
  4. Under the 'File Revisions Displaying Feedback' dropdown, select ‘The current and all previous revisions’. Then click 'Apply'. You then will have access to all of the feedback that is open and should have been closed.

Next, click on a piece of feedback within the feedback list and hit ‘Show More’. In the top right corner, you will now see navigation arrows to make it easy to walk through all the feedback in the feedback list.

Work through each feedback item to ensure each is closed. If you find problems, you can add to the feedback discussion within the 'Activity' area or adjust the status and reassign the work to ensure it’s completed. If you are viewing a package and there are multiple slides in the package, click through each file or slide within the package to confirm that you've viewed and addressed each feedback item.