User Notification Preferences

User Notification Preferences

Step 1: Access your Profile Settings

You can access your profile settings from any page in CoLab. Click your profile icon in the top right corner and select ‘My Profile’.

Step 2: Navigate to your Notification Settings

Click ‘Notifications’ in the profile settings navigation bar.

Step 3: Update Your Notification Settings

You can modify the CoLab notifications you receive from the following channels:

  • Email - receive CoLab notifications to your email
  • In-App - receive CoLab notifications within the CoLab app through the ‘Alerts’ button in a workspace

Notifications can be tailored to your preference, but we recommend turning on In-App notifications for most activity in CoLab, and limiting your email notifications to the CoLab activity you need to be notified of.

Step 4: Save Your Notification Preferences

Once you have checked off the notifications you want to receive, click ‘Save.’ This will set your desired selection as your saved notification preferences.