Uploading PDFs

Uploading PDFs

Step 1: Open a workspace

Files are uploaded to the CoLab Drive within a workspace. The CoLab Drive is a file repository where all files and file revisions are stored and organized within a workspace.

Step 2: Upload a PDF  to the workspace

Click the blue ‘New’ button at the top of the Drive panel and select ‘Upload a File’. You can also right click in Drive and select ‘Upload a File.’

You can also upload a file directly to a folder by right clicking a folder and selecting ‘Upload File to Folder.’

Step 3: Select the PDF(s) you want to upload

You can either drag and drop files into the upload dropzone or browse your computer for PDF files.

Step 4: Upload PDF files

Option 1: Upload PDF files for viewing

Select ‘Upload’ to upload the file(s) for storage in the CoLab Drive. Once uploaded, you can move the files into a folder for organization. To create a new file folder, click the blue ‘New’ button and select ‘Folder’. Rename the folder as desired. To add a sub-folder, create a new folder and drag and drop into an existing folder.

Option 2: Upload PDF files & Request Review

Select ‘Upload & Request Review’ to upload the files to the CoLab Drive and at the same time, share them to be reviewed through CoLab’s Design Review process.

You can also upload PDFs from the start page without being in a workspace.

Click ‘Upload File’ from the Quick Actions panel.

Select the workspace where you want to upload the file and click ‘Next.’

Choose the file you want to upload and click ‘Upload.’

You will be brought to the workspace where you uploaded the file.

NOTE: Do you want to upload a revision of a file already uploaded to CoLab? See our article here on File Version Management for file revision best practices.