Uploading files to Workspaces

Uploading files to Workspaces

CoLab supports uploading of 2D files (PDF, JPG, etc.), 3D part files (SLDPRT, PRT, STEP, STL, FBX, JT, etc.), and assemblies (SLDASM, ASM, CATPRODUCT, etc.). For a complete list of all file formats that CoLab supports, see our Supported File Formats article.

Files are uploaded to CoLab Drive within a workspace or portal. CoLab Drive is a file repository where all files and file revisions are stored and organized within a workspace. Files can be uploaded to CoLab either manually or directly via integration to PDM or PLM. You can find more information on CoLab's PDM and PLM integrations here.

You can also upload files directly to Portals, or share an existing file from a workspaces. For more information on sharing files to Portals, click here.

There are several ways to upload files manually to workspaces:

Option 1: Within a Workspace, click ‘+ New’ in Drive and select ‘Upload a File.’

Option 2: Within a Workspace, right click a file folder and select ‘Upload File to Folder.’

The Upload Files modal will appear using either option. You can add as many files as you wish for uploading. You also have the option to upload the files or upload and request a review at same time.

Option 3: From the home page, select ‘Upload File.’

Select the Workspace you want to upload the file to and select ‘Next', and add your file(s) and select ‘Upload.’

Uploading parent level assemblies

CoLab supports uploading parent level assemblies. To upload a parent level assembly, select or drag and drop the parent level assembly file any  supporting subassemblies and all child part files. Select ‘Add assembly parent file.’

CoLab will suggest the parent assembly file, however if CoLab selects the incorrect parent assembly file, click the 3 dots to the right of the incorrect parent assembly file name and select ‘Change parent file.’

Once the correct parent assembly file has been selected, upload the file. The parent assembly file will be the only file that appears in Drive and it will contain all the data from the subassemblies and child parts.

NOTE: Do you want to upload a revision of a file already uploaded to CoLab? See our article on File Revision Management for file revision best practices.