Uploading and Using Checklists

Uploading and Using Checklists

You can upload and assign checklists to your reviews in CoLab.

Step 1: As an administrator, navigate to your admin settings

Step 2: Select the Company tab and upload a checklist template

  • Checklist templates must be uploaded in .csv format.
  • .csv files should have two columns, the first for the list item and the second for the description of the list item.

Step 3: Click and drag or upload a .csv file from your desktop

Step 4. Preview your checklist and click Upload

Step 5. When requesting a review, select a checklist template from the dropdown menu

Step 6. If your review has already been created, you can add a checklist from the Checklists menu

Step 7. Pinning feedback while a checklist item is open will link that piece of feedback with the checklist item, making it easier to understand which comments support each item on your checklist.

Step 8. Reviewers can designate whether checklist items have passed or failed, and leave notes if desired.

Step 9: Checklist data is exportable as a zip file containing 4 CSVs containing all relevant data.