Uploading 3D Models

Uploading 3D Models

Uploading Standalone 3D Files

CoLab supports uploading of standalone 3D files, such as part files and export formats (e.g. SLDPRT, PRT, STEP, STL, FBX, JT, etc), as well as assemblies (e.g. SLDASM, ASM, CATPRODUCT, etc.). For a complete list of all file formats that CoLab supports, see our Supported File Formats article.

Step 1: Open a workspace

Files are uploaded to CoLab Drive within a workspace. The CoLab Drive is a file repository where all files and file revisions are stored and organized within a workspace.

Step 2: Upload a standalone 3D file to the workspace

Click the blue ‘New’ button at the top of the Drive panel and select ‘Upload a File.'

You can also upload a file directly to a folder by right clicking a folder and selecting ‘Upload File to Folder.’

Step 3: Select the standalone 3D file(s) you want to upload

You can either drag and drop files into the upload dialogue or click 'Browse' to open your computer's file system.  

Step 4: Upload standalone 3D file(s)

If you are uploading standalone files (e.g. SLDPRT, PRT, STEP, STL, FBX, JT, etc.), simply click 'Upload' to upload the files. If you are uploading an assembly, you must include all the reference sub-assembly and part files, and then click the option to specify a Parent File. If you do not, the files will upload individually, and the assembly will not render correctly.

You will notice that there are two upload options: “Upload”, as well as “Upload & Request Review.”

Option 1: Upload

Selecting ‘Upload’ will simply upload the file(s) for storage in CoLab Drive. Once the upload is complete, the dialogue will close to display the file(s) in CoLab Drive. You will notice a loading icon next to the file(s) - this indicates that the file is being converted to a web-viewable format for viewing in CoLab. Once the loading icon disappears, the file is ready to be viewed.

Option 2: Upload & Request Review

Selecting ‘Upload & Request Review’ will upload the files to CoLab Drive, and then allow you to assign them to another user(s) for review using CoLab’s Design Review process.

After uploading the file(s), you can organize them into folders. To create a new file folder, click the blue ‘New’ button and select ‘Folder’. Rename the folder as desired. To move a file into a folder, simply drag and drop the file onto that folder.

You can also upload 3D models from the start page without being in a workspace.

Click ‘Upload File’ from the Quick Actions panel.

Select the workspace where you want to upload the file and click ‘Next.’

Choose the file you want to upload and click ‘Upload.’

You will be brought to the workspace where you uploaded the file.

NOTE: Do you want to upload a revision of a file already uploaded to CoLab? See our article on File Revision Management for file revision best practices.

NOTE: Does your team use Solidworks? Good news, we have a custom Solidworks Integration for pushing files directly to CoLab from Solidworks. For more information on the Solidworks Plugin, see our article on How the Solidworks Integration Works.