Setting Up and Using Tags

Setting Up and Using Tags

Tags are a way to classify Feedback. They make it easier to manage, organize, and segment Feedback. Tags available for Feedback are set at the Company level.

Setting Up Tags

Company Admins can create tags and set quick tags on the Company Admin settings page. If you are a company Admin, you can navigate to the Company page from any page by clicking the profile icon in the top right corner and selecting ‘Admin.’

In the admin settings navigation bar, select ‘Company.’ 

From here, you can add new tags or edit existing tags. To add a new tag, type in the ‘Add additional Tags’ input field and click Enter or the arrow icon.

Quick tags can help your team quickly populate feedback cards with standardized tags. To set quick tags, select up to 10 checkboxes next to your most critical tags. These will be the tags that appear on every Feedback card for quick selection by your reviewers. 

To edit a tag, click the ‘Edit’ icon next to the tag.

You can edit the name and change the tag color from the ‘Edit’ modal.

To delete a tag, click the ‘Delete’ icon next to the tag.

Using Tags

To add a tag to Feedback, click the ‘Add Tags’ button and select from the dropdown list. Tags can only be created by your CoLab Admin(s).

To expedite the use of tags, up to 10 quick tags set by a Company Admin can appear on a Feedback card for easy selection at the time of Feedback creation. Alternately, if a different tag is desired and is not a designated quick tag, click on ‘+ Add Tags’.

Tags that have been added will appear on the Feedback card in the Viewer.

Tags are also viewable in the Feedback panel. You can even add Tags to previously-created Feedback from the Feedback panel by clicking ‘Add Tags’ and selecting from the dropdown list.

You can filter the Feedback list based on tags.

Tags are viewable and filterable in Track. There, you can filter for tags or even extract a .csv file for deeper reporting needs.