Sharing Files Between Workspaces

Sharing Files Between Workspaces

All users added to a workspace are able to see any and all assets within that workspace (i.e. files, packages, etc.). In some cases, you may wish to control visibility over assets in a workspace. For example, you might complete a review of a file(s) with your internal team, and when you’re finished, you may need an external party to review and/or approve the asset(s). However, you might not want to give the external party access to the entire workspace.

NOTE: Only Admins have the option to share files between workspaces. Full Access and Limited users do not have this ability. Read more on our Workspace Permissions here.

In the case where you need to share limited assets with stakeholders, we recommend  creating a separate workspace from which you can collaborate with the external party. You can then share files between workspaces and select the most recent revision(s) that you need reviewed by the external party. Here’s how to do that:

1. Create a second workspace for the limited files to review with select stakeholders. Pro tip: we recommend adding ‘EXT’ or something similar to the workspace title to identify that it’s an externally shared workspace. To learn how to create a workspace, see Setting Up Workspaces.

2. From within your master (i.e. internal) workspace with the master files, right click on the file or package you’d like to share to the external workspace and select ‘Share’ from the context menu.

You can use multi-select (CDM + Click or CTRL + Click) in Drive to share multiple files to a workspace. Select the files you want to share and right click. Click ‘Share.’

3.  Select the revision(s) you want to share.

4.  Decide what feedback you want to share with the file. When moving a file to another workspace, you have three options:

a. Do Not Share Feedback: This only shares the assets with no feedback attached.

b. Share All Unresolved Feedback: This shares only unresolved feedback.

c. Share All Feedback: This shares all feedback associated with the assets, whether resolved or not.

You can also share Feedback at a later time.

5. Select the desired external workspace(s) from the list of workspaces.

6. Click ‘Share’ on the lower right of your screen. 

A ‘Shared From’ indicator will appear next to name of the master workspace.

To ensure the correct contacts have access to the external workspace to which you shared files, click here to review Inviting a User to a Workspace.

The share modal will indicate the files that you sharing. If you hover over the number of files, the file names will appear.

In Drive, the files and corresponding revisions shared to another workspace will have an arrow icon next to the file name.

You can navigate directly to the shared file in the external workspace by hovering over the arrow icon in Drive and clicking the external workspace name.

In Drive, the files and corresponding revisions shared from another workspace will have a copy icon next to the file name. Sharing revisions of files between workspaces will attach the revision to the original file that was shared.

You can share Feedback between workspaces. If the file does not exist in the other workspace, a file will be created in that workspace. If the file exists in that workspace, the Feedback will be appended to the file. It will not duplicate Feedback that is already on the file. The name of the original creator of the Feedback remains as you share Feedback between workspaces.