Sharing File Links

Sharing File Links

Sharing a link to a file gives you the ability to quickly drop a link to another CoLab user so they can easily access a file. You can even drop them a link bringing them to a specific view of a part in a model, with a particular piece of feedback open. Details below.

Step 1: Copy the file link

Right click on a file and select ‘Get File Link’ to copy the file link to your clipboard.

Step 2: Share the file link with another user

Outside of CoLab, paste the link to another user. If they have a CoLab account created and have access to the workspace, they will be brought directly to the file. 

Want to share a specific model view and/or specific feedback information? Share Files using the URL.

When viewing a file in CoLab, the URL in your internet browser is a unique link to the view of the file you have open. The unique URL can even control which panels are open and what feedback is selected.

Pro Tip

  • If you want to send a very specific view of a particular feedback item with Drive closed and Feedback opened, then you should copy the link from the URL bar instead of the right click option. Right click is best for the general file link.