Request a Review

Request a Review

NOTE: Reviews can be started by Full Access and Admin users only. Limited users cannot start a review. Read more on Workspace Permissions here.

CoLab’s Design Review process is flexible and customizable to help you streamline your review process. The Design Review process can be used for many different review types including technical drawing and model reviews, gate reviews, change request reviews, DFM reviews, VA/VE reviews, and informal reviews. The Design Review process also supports multi-stage review cycles to fit your internal review process.

To request a review for a file, open the file in the Viewer and click ‘Request Review.’

The ‘Request Review’ modal will appear for you to add a Review title, assign Reviewers, and more. You can add a due date if there is a deadline. As a best practice, we recommend naming your reviews based on the stages in your review process. Click ‘Send for Review’ to initiate the Review process. Reviewers will receive a notification that they have been assigned to a Review. 

Details of the Review will appear in the Review panel. The Review panel provides details on the Review status (open/closed), the Reviewers and Creator, and an Activity Feed that lists all activity related to the Review.

The Creator can see the Review status and number of unresolved Feedback for each Reviewer in the Review panel. Feedback will appear in real-time and show up in the Activity Feed. The Creator will also see if a Reviewer requested changes.

If changes are requested, the Creator can upload a new version of the file in Drive or by clicking the ‘Upload a revision’ button from the ‘Open’ dropdown in the Review panel.

To re-request a review after uploading a new version, click ‘Re-Request Review’ next to the Reviewers name in the Review panel.

After all Reviewers approve the Review, the Creator can close the Review or start a new stage by clicking the ‘Open’ dropdown in the Review panel, followed by the preferred option.

A modal will appear to confirm that you want to close the Review.

For a multi-stage review, the Request Review modal will appear after clicking ‘Close Review.’ The Creator can follow the steps above to request a Review for the next stage.

You can also request a Review from the start page. Click ‘Request Review’ from the Quick Actions panel.

Select the workspace where you want to request a review and click ‘Next.’

Choose the file you want to review and click ‘Submit File.’

Complete the fields in the ‘Request Review’ modal and click ‘Send for Review.’

A modal will appear stating that the review was shared successfully. You can click ‘Take me there’ to go to the file where you requested the review.

You can view the progress of every review you have created or been assigned to from the start page. Overdue reviews will be highlighted and reviews will be sorted based on the due date. The number of unresolved feedback in the review is identified to the left of the review title and the review status of Reviewers is displayed in the bottom right of their profile icon.