Receive a Review

Receive a Review

NOTE: All users in CoLab can be assigned to complete a review, including Full Access, Admin, and Limited. Read more on Workspace Permissions here.

You will receive a notification if you have been tagged in a Review. You can open the Review from the Notifications menu or open the file and click ‘Review’ in the panel on the right hand side of the app. 

To conduct your Review, provide Feedback as you normally would - see articles Adding Feedback in 3D & Adding Feedback in a PDF. The Feedback will automatically be tagged to the Review and be shown in the Activity Feed. In certain cases, there may be Feedback on the file that you need to review. To review the Feedback, it is best practice to click on the individual Feedback to view all its details in the Feedback panel. We recommend using the Discussion field for all communication related to the Feedback - see article Feedback Details.

After completing your Review, click ‘Submit Review.’

A modal appears where you can request changes from the Creator or approve your Review. The modal also provides a summary of the number of Feedback you created and allows you to add an optional comment to the Creator.

You can view the progress of every review you have created or been assigned to from the start page. Overdue reviews will be highlighted and reviews will be sorted based on the due date. The number of unresolved feedback in the review is identified to the left of the review title and the review status of Reviewers is displayed in the bottom right of their profile icon.