Pulling Open Feedback Through Revisions

Pulling Open Feedback Through Revisions

Engineering teams are becoming more agile, and with that means designs see more iterations. Feedback and tasks will be opened in one version and ideally closed in the next; however, the reality is that not all feedback is immediately addressed and engineering teams don’t want to lose sight of it as they progress the design.

Using the feedback filters, a user can easily toggle on open feedback from previous versions to ensure that all feedback, actions and tasks are properly addressed throughout the design process.

As an example, a designer is working on a CAD assembly and wants to keep sight of feedback raised across all 2 versions on the latest revision. To do so, the process is simple:

  1. Click the ‘Filter’ button in the top right corner of the feedback list panel to open the filter options
  2. Select ‘All Revisions’ in the revisions filter. Now you access to all the feedback that is open.
  3. Click on a feedback item and in the top right corner, you will now see navigation to make it easy to walk through all the feedback. 

Pro Tip: The filter selection you use will persist until a refresh, so if you switch files it’ll remember what you are looking to see. You can close the filters at any time by clicking ‘Reset filters’ on the grey bar at the top of the viewer.

Revision 1: 6 Pieces of Open Feedback (Filter: Current Revision)

Revision 2: 1 Piece of Open Feedback (Filter: Current Revision)

Revision 2: 7 Pieces of Open Feedback (Filter: All Revisions)