Update Profile and Notification Settings

Update Profile and Notification Settings

Step 1: Log into CoLab and open your Profile Settings

Once you’re logged into CoLab, click the ‘Profile Settings’ icon in the bottom left corner of the app to open your Profile Settings page.

Step 2: Update your Profile Photo, Details, and Password

Click ‘Upload Photo’ to upload or change your profile photo. Then, add details such as job title and phone number. Click ‘Update’ to save your changes. You can also change your password here too. Your profile photo and details will be visible to your team and external users that you share with. These details will help them contact you as needed.

Step 3: Select pre-set Notification Settings

Click on ‘Profile Settings’ on the left sidebar and scroll all the way down to the ‘Notifications’ table. Click the dropdown menu to select between the following: 'Notify me of everything', 'Only workspace invitation and issue assignment', 'Only workspace invitation', or 'No notifications'. 

Step 4: Customize your Notification Settings

To set a custom selection, click the dropdown menu and select ‘Custom Preset’. Then check off which notifications you’d like to receive and hit ‘Save’. This will become your ‘Custom Preset’. Not sure what to select? We recommend selecting everything for In-App, Desktop, and Mobile, and the following selection for Email:

  • Being assigned an issue
  • When you are @mentioned in an issue
  • When you are subscribed to an issue
  • Being assigned to a review
  • When someone invites you to a workspace