PDF Navigation Tools

PDF Navigation Tools

When viewing a PDF, you'll find the PDF navigation toolbar at the bottom of the viewer area to help you navigate the PDF.

Text Selection Tool -  Allows you to highlight text to copy and paste it. 

Pan Tool - Allows you to move the document around on the screen. Hold down your left mouse button on the document and move the document.

Zoom Features 

Zoom Out - moves the PDF view further away

Cancel Zoom - resets any zooming you have done

Zoom In - magnifies the PDF

Screen Fit -  sizes the document in line with your screen size

Page Settings

Previous Page - Brings you one page back in your PDF file

Next Page - Brings you one page ahead in your PDF file

Select a Page - Input a page number to reach a specific page directly

Rotate Counter Clockwise/Rotate Clockwise - Use these buttons to rotate the PDF clockwise or counterclockwise.