Managing Issues From the Dashboard

Managing Issues From the Dashboard

Step 1: Expand the Issues panel

Click the double-sided arrow to expand the Issues panel. Once expanded, you have oversight of all the Issues you created or are assigned to. To go back to the home dashboard, click the double-headed arrow again.

Step 2: Sort, filter, and export Issues

To sort by issue status, click one of the colored issue status buttons. To filter issues, click on ‘Filters’ and you can then filter by project, file, review, issue label, assignee, or reporter. To export a filtered list of issues to PDF or CSV, click the ‘Export’ dropdown.

Step 3: View a filtered list of Issues

Click on the ‘Filters’ dropdown to have the option to filter by projects, files, reviews, labels, assignees, or reporters. 

Step 4: View the details of an Issue

Click on the issue title in the list to expand the issue in the left drawer. Scroll down and click on the ‘Associated Files’ link to go to the file associated with the issue.