Inviting a User to a Workspace

Inviting a User to a Workspace

Workspaces are locations where files are uploaded to be shared and reviewed with other CoLab users. Within workspaces, you can create reviews or packages for sharing. Workspaces can be organized by project, clients, or other topics.

NOTE: Users can be invited to workspaces by Full Access and Admin users only. Limited users cannot invite users to a workspace. Read more about our Workspace Permissions here.

When you’d like to share workspace assets with other parties, you will first need to invite them to that workspace. To add a user to a workspace, open the workspace and click the ‘+’ button at the top right corner of your screen.

You can invite new users by copy/pasting their email, or invite an existing CoLab user by clicking on their username. Alternatively, you can invite existing CoLab users by sending them a link to the workspace (click the ‘Copy Link’ button then paste the link to the user).

You can also invite a user to a workspace from the start page without being in the workspace. Click ‘Invite Team Member’ from the Quick Actions panel.

Select the workspace where you want to invite a team member and click ‘Next.’

Add the team members you want to invite and specify their permission level. Click ‘Send Invite.’

Remember that when you invite a user to a workspace, they are able to see all assets (i.e. files, packages, etc.) and feedback within that workspace.