How to Upload a PDF to CoLab

How to Upload a PDF to CoLab

Step 1: Upload a drawing or document (must be PDF file format)

Files are uploaded within Projects. First open a project. When the project opens, click the ‘Upload’ button on the left sidebar, then select ‘Individual Files’. Click ‘Choose Files’ to find a PDF on your computer, or drag and drag a file(s) from your computer. Hit ‘Upload Files’ to finish.

Step 2: Organize files into folders

After uploading files, create folders for your files. Click the menu next to ‘Files’ and select ‘New Folder’. Create as many folders as you’d like, and rename them by right clicking one and selecting ‘Rename’.

Step 3: Upload file revisions, download files, and share file links with your team

Right click on a file and you have the option to upload a file revision, rename the file, create a file folder, or delete the file. You’ll only see ‘Download’ if the project owner has turned on ‘Allow Downloading’ for users in the project. For a quick way to share a file with a teammate, select ‘Copy Link’ and drop them the link. When they click the link, they’ll be brought directly to the file in CoLab.

Step 4: Manage and upload file revisions using the Revisions app

For an alternative to upload file revisions, click the ‘Revisions’ button in the right sidebar to open the Revisions app. Select ‘Upload New Revision’.