Filtering the Feedback List

Filtering the Feedback List

Use Case: CoLab gives engineering teams one place to consolidate their feedback, tied directly to the file. However, users don’t always want to see all information, so the Feedback Filters give the end user the power to toggle on and off feedback without impacting the data or creating silos.

How does it work?

In the right side panel, users can view the feedback list associated with the file or package being displayed in the viewer.

  1. Click the ‘Filter’ button in the top right corner of the feedback list panel to open the filter options.
  2. Once the filter menu opens, you can filter by status and file revision. 
  3. After applying a new filter, you will see the feedback update in the feedback list along with the corresponding markups in the viewer.

To remove the filter, you can click the filter button again and hit ‘Reset’ or you can close it from the status bar in the viewer.

Status Filter

  • By default, the feedback list shows all open feedback. When you close feedback, it will be hidden from the list unless you change the filter.
  • All six statuses can be seen in the filter options and one or more can be applied using the checkboxes.

Revision Filter

This filter was built to help users see feedback across versions to make task management easier and quality checking more efficient. By default, users see the feedback on the current revision, but can also filter to see:

  • The current revision and all previous revisions: Shows feedback associated with the file from previous and current versions
  • All revisions: Shows feedback associated with the file from previous, current and newer revisions
  • All revisions under current review: Shows feedback associated with revisions under the current review stage