File Revision Management

File Revision Management

CoLab’s file revision management allows you to maintain version control over updated versions of the same file in CoLab. Once requested changes have been made to a file (PDF or 3D model), a file revision should be uploaded to CoLab for review under the original file. When using CoLab’s file revision system, the file revision will be nested under the original file. 

Uploading a File Revision

Right click on the original file in CoLab Drive and select ‘Upload New Revision’. Note that the file revision will be nested underneath the original file.

Drag and drop file(s) into the upload dropzone or browse your computer for the revised file(s). Click ‘Upload’. For information on uploading PDFs, click here. For information on uploading 3D models, click here

By default, the original file will be named V1 with the date and time stamp of upload and subsequent file revisions will be named V2, etc. with the date and time stamp of upload. To rename a file or file revision, right click on the file and select ‘Rename’.  We recommend following your internal best practices for file naming conventions.