File Revision Management

File Revision Management

CoLab’s file revision management allows you to maintain version control over updated versions of the same file in CoLab. Once requested changes have been made to a file (PDF or 3D model), a file revision should be uploaded to CoLab for review under the original file. When using CoLab’s file revision system, the file revision will be nested under the original file. 

Uploading a File Revision

You can upload file revisions 3 ways:

Option 1: Bulk Revision Matching

Click “New” in Drive to open the upload files modal.

Add your files for uploading. Click ‘Suggest Matches’ to automatically detect if versions of these files already exist in Drive.

If there are matches, we will suggest the revision match and what revision number the file will be uploaded as.

If a file is wrongly matched as a revision, you can either remove this file from the upload or it will be uploaded as a new file in Drive.

Option 2: Upload a revision through Drive

Right click on the original file in CoLab Drive and select ‘Upload New Revision’.

Option 3: Upload a revision through Reviews

For a file under review, click the ‘Open’ dropdown menu and select ‘Upload a Revision.’

To see the individual file revisions, click the arrow to the left of the file name in Drive.