Feedback Details

Feedback Details

Feedback can be created through saving markups on a PDF or saving 3D pins on a 3D model. Once feedback is created and saved, additional levels of detail can be added to an individual feedback item.

The ‘Feedback’ button is located on the right sidebar in CoLab.

When you have a file open in CoLab, the feedback list will display the all of the feedback that has been created on that particular file. Click the ‘Feedback’ button to open the feedback list, and click on a feedback card to open up the feedback details for that particular piece of feedback. Clicking the ‘Show More’ button will open the additional feedback details.

Add Feedback Details

The 'Attachment' button allows you to attach image files to the feedback (i.e. .jpeg, .png, etc.). An example would be to attach a material specification to the particular feedback.

The 'Screenshot' button allows you to take a screenshot of the file you have open in the viewer that attaches to the feedback directly. This is particularly useful for capturing specific screenshots of 3D models. An example would be to capture at a specific view of a 3D model component, such as a section view, to add further context to the feedback item.

The 'Comments' button allows the feedback creator and other users in the workspace to leave comments on the feedback item. 

Communicate with another user: Type directly in the comment box in the ‘Activity’ section to leave a comment. Hit Enter to save the comment with the feedback item. Pro Tip: This is a great way to have a discussion about the feedback item and receive input from key stakeholders. All users in the workspace will be able to see comments left on feedback.

Create a sense of urgency: The ‘Priority’ drop down and ‘Due Date’ field will allow your team to track critical items through assigning a priority status to the feedback and a due date that the item must be completed by.

Add context to the feedback: The ‘Description’ area allows you to add additional details about the feedback. It is recommended to keep the feedback title short and concise, but add details as required in the feedback description. You can use this area to add further details for context, list requirements, etc.

Status Dropdown

The ‘Status’ dropdown allows you to select a feedback status. It is recommended that you change the feedback status as the item is being worked on. More information on feedback statuses can be found in the Closing Feedback in a Workspace article.