Exploring Feedback Data with Track

Exploring Feedback Data with Track

Track provides oversight of all of the feedback created within your design reviews with visibility over outstanding or unresolved issues. You can see all feedback for the workspaces to which you have access.

To access your feedback data, click the 'Track' tab in the top bar of CoLab and then select 'Feedback'.

The Feedback attributes that are viewable in Track are feedback key, title, type, description, tags, status, priority, due date, assignee, created date, last modified date, days open, the page number where the feedback was created, revision number of the file, file name, and workspace name. Next to most of the column headers, there are toggle options that sort the columns from A-Z or from highest to lowest. You are able to modify the status and priority of feedback items directly from within the table. You can do that by clicking the existing option in the status or priority category. 

If you want further context of the file, you can open the file by clicking the ‘More Options’ button (shown below) or right-clicking on the row for your viewing options. You can open the feedback in a modal or open the associated file it in the viewer. You are also able to delete the feedback if you have permission to do so. 

If you opt to ‘Open’ the feedback item, the feedback modal has a variety of options to help you quickly assess the feedback item.

You can see the comment history under ‘Discussion’ and feedback meta data on the right panel of the modal. The feedback details can be easily edited by clicking on the options shown below. Note, if an option is disabled, it means you don’t have permission to edit it

In the top right of the modal, you can use the arrows to skip to the next or previous feedback item. From the ‘More options’ button you can also delete feedback.

To further modify the data you’re seeing, you can use some other options:

  • Select a custom view from your views list. See Creating Custom Views for more information
  • Search for your desired feedback item
  • Search for a specific workspace

You can also use feedback filters to specify exactly what you’d like to see in your view: