Creating a Package of Files

Creating a Package of Files

You may wish to group files together to make it easier to find, share or review assets. Outside of CoLab, this often happens in folders or zip folders. Within CoLab, Packages allow users to quickly select multiple files and bundle them into an asset that lives in CoLab Drive and that can easily be managed, shared and/or reviewed.

To create a Package, click the ‘New’ button in Drive and select ‘Create a Package.’

You can also create a Package by right clicking in Drive and selecting ‘Create a Package’ or by holding CTRL and clicking on each of the file(s) you want to package and right clicking and selecting ‘Create a Package.’

You can rename the Package, add files to the Package, and use the latest file revisions in the Package.

You can also create Slides within the Package to make a presentation of files and saved views. To create Slides, click the ‘Slides’ tab and select ‘Add a slide.’

A modal will appear where you can select which files you want to create Slides of. You can choose from files already in the package, files in Drive, and upload files from your computer.

Additionally, you can create Slides from the Files tab by clicking the more options icon next to the file names and selecting ‘Create Slide.’

You can edit the Slides by turning on ‘Edit Mode.’ If you right click a Slide, you have the options to add files, duplicate the Slide, change the file, rename the Slide, and delete the Slide. You can also add Slides by clicking the ‘Add Slide’ button.

You can save different views of files using Slides. You can zoom in or out, rotate the model, and hide or isolate parts and save the view by clicking ‘Save View.’ If you navigate out of the Slide, the View is saved for the next time you navigate to the slide, so that you do not need to recreate the view.