Creating a 3D model review

Creating a 3D model review

Step 1: Open the 3D file that you need reviewed

Open a workspace, click ‘Files’ in the left sidebar, and open the 3D file that you want to create a review with. The file will display in the viewer.

Step 2: Create a 3D Model Review in the Review Planner

Click the ‘Reviews’ button in the left sidebar. Click the ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the review planner, select ‘Presentation’ and click ‘Next’. Give your review a title, due date, and description, and ‘Finish’ once complete.

Note: we suggest adding reviewers for 3D presentations once you’ve finished creating the review, so they only get notified once the review is ready for them.

Step 3: Create review slides of the 3D model

Each ‘slide’ will be a different view you wish to highlight. Hide and show parts, sub-assemblies, etc. for each slide. When you have a desired state you wish to capture, Click the ‘+’ button to create a slide. Give the slide a title and hit ‘Save’. Repeat for as many views / slides as desired. 

Step 4: Add 3D markups to slides

To annotate the 3D model directly, select a slide and click the ‘Markup’ button. Use the markup tools in the toolbar to annotate design feedback. Click ‘Save’ after each markup. To edit, click the ‘Markup’ button again. To hide and show markups, click the eye icon (‘Toggle Markup’ button). 

Step 5: Add issues to communicate feedback and assign them

Communicate feedback by creating an ‘Issue’. Select the ‘pin’ tool from the viewer toolbar and drop the pin on the desired part on the model. Give the issue a title and assign it. When using an issue to note something, select the ‘Informational’ status instead of ‘To Do’. 

Step 6: Add details to the issue(s)

Clicking the issue card opens it in the left sidebar. Add description, due date, label, and priority. Our recommendation for issue statuses: After creating an issue, set as ‘To Do’ and assign it. When the assignee opens the issue and starts, they change it to ‘In Progress’. After changes made (and maybe new revision uploaded), assignee changes it to ‘For Review’ and assigns the reporter again. When satisfied, reporter changes to ‘Closed’. At any point, the issue can be discussed via the ‘Comments’ box in the issue.

Step 7: Assign users to review the design review

Once you’re ready for users to review the design review, click the ‘Assign a Reviewer’ button and select the desired user(s). They’ll receive a notification right away that they’ve been assigned.