Create Account and Bookmark CoLab

Create Account and Bookmark CoLab

Note on Browser Access:
If you open the CoLab Account Invitation email in Internet Explorer, right click on the 'Create Account' button, select ‘Copy Link’, and then paste into one of the three browsers we fully support including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. If you opened the email in one of those three browsers to start with, simply click on the ‘Create Account’ button directly and go straight to CoLab.

Step 1: Log into CoLab and create your account

Welcome to CoLab! By now, you should have received an email inviting you to create your CoLab account. Click on the ‘Create Account’ button and follow the email instructions to create your account. 

Tips for creating a CoLab username:
We recommend keeping your username simple, such as your first name followed by your last name. That way, you’re easily identifiable to your team.

Accessing CoLab after your account is created:
Once you’ve created your account, you can log into CoLab anytime through

Step 2: Bookmark in your browser

For quick and easy access to CoLab, we recommend bookmarking To do so in Google Chrome, open a browser and go to, then click the star icon to the right of the URL. Hit ‘Save’ to save CoLab in your Bookmarks.

Step 3: Pin to your browser

Another great way to keep CoLab handy is by pinning it in your browser. To do so, open in your browser, right-click the CoLab tab, and click ‘Pin’. Pinning a browser tab tab makes it easier to have multiple pages open in a browser at once. It narrows the tab and moves it to the left of screen.