Completing a Drawing or Document Review

Completing a Drawing or Document Review

Step 1: Click the shared link or notification and hit the ‘Play’ button to launch

You can open a Review or file that you've been assigned to in a few different ways. You can:

  1. Click the URL shared from your team
  2. Open from the notification email
  3. Click the notification on the 'Alerts' tab on the left sidebar from within CoLab

Step 2: Add feedback to the review using the markup tools

Use the markup toolbar at the bottom of the viewer to add feedback/annotations to the PDF.

  • Tips: Multiple annotations can be made per issue by clicking the blue ‘-’ button to minimize the pop-up issue card and continuing to add more markups. If you’re using the same markup tool repeatedly, double-click the tool to activate ‘Repeat Markup Mode’. When you’re finished, add a description and hit ‘Save’.

Step 3: Change the issue status as the issue progresses

After hitting ‘Save’, you can change issue status by clicking the orange square icon on the card. Issues with action items should start as ‘Open’ and informational-type issues should start as ‘Informational’.

Step 4: Navigate each review doc & complete the review to notify your team

Move between PDFs using the arrow controls in the top left. If you click the drawing name at the top, the drop-down menu lists the docs in the review. At the end a window will pop up, hit ‘Complete Review’.