Completing a 3D Model review

Completing a 3D Model review

Step 1: Assignee opens 3D review

There are a few different ways you can open a Review you've been assigned to. You can open the review by clicking the link in the notification email you receive, or by clicking the 'Alerts' icon on the left sidebar in CoLab, or by opening the URL shared by the review creator (if the creator copied the design review URL and send it to you). Once opened, click  the ‘play’ button to launch the review. Navigate the review slides using the arrows.

Step 2: Assignee addresses issues left by the creator

To open the issues associated with the review, click the ‘Issues’ button in the right sidebar. You can also visually view the issues left by the creator by clicking on the pins dropped on the model (i.e. the colored circles). Note: issues can also be reviewed from the home dashboard, by filtering the issues dashboard by the review title.

Step 3: View the issue details and leave comments

Click the issue card on the 3D model to open the issue details in the left sidebar. Changes or questions can be discussed in real-time in the ‘Comments’ box. You can mention someone by typing the '@' symbol follow by their name. Once the assignee starts working on the changes, they change status to ‘In Progress’.

Step 4: Leave design feedback by creating issues

To leave design feedback on the 3D model, select the ‘Pin’ tool in the viewer toolbar and drop it on any part on the model that you want to highlight to the creator. You can include multiple pins under one issue by dropping multiple pins before ‘Summarizing the issue’. The pin will remain tied to that part(s). After summarizing the issue, hit ‘Save’. To add details to the issue, follow Step 3 above. 

Step 5: Add markups to the 3D model  

To help further communicate design feedback, add markups directly on the 3D model by clicking the ‘Markup’ button on a slide. Use the markup tools in the toolbar. When you’re finished, hit ‘Save’ on the slide.

Step 6: Edit or delete markups on the 3D model  

To edit or delete an existing markup, click the ‘Markup’ button on the slide to go back into edit mode. Make your edits (such as adjusting existing markups or adding new ones), or delete the markup, then hit ‘Save’ when you’re finished.

Step 7: Once design changes are made, upload a new revision 

Once all the changes highlighted have been made, a new file revision can be uploaded. Click on the ‘Revisions’ button in the right sidebar and click ‘Upload New Revision’. Once a new revision has been uploaded, the creator will receive a notification from the Workspace.