CoLab Single Sign-On Integration (SSO)

CoLab Single Sign-On Integration (SSO)

CoLab offers, and encourages, SAML Single Sign-on (SSO). This allows customer administrators to authorize user access to CoLab directly from their existing identity provider (IdP)/SSO solution, with support for all major identity providers.

How do I get SSO?

  1. Submit a request to have SSO enabled by contacting support using
  1. Following receipt of your request, CoLab will create an instruction document specific to your identity provider and send to you for completion. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for us to complete this request.
  1. The instructions will ask you to complete several steps in your Identity Provider and provide several pieces of information back to support.
  1. When support receives the required information we will schedule a call with you to complete the remaining steps and verify your configuration.
  1. We strongly recommend at this point that you communicate to your users that the login process for CoLab will be changing. When you have successfully communicated the change to your users you will notify CoLab that you are ready to fully switch to SSO. At this point we will turn on SSO for your customer account and ALL users will sign in to CoLab using SSO.

How do I sign in using SSO?

1. Navigate to Type your company email address into the Email Address field and click Sign In.

2. You will then be redirected to your IdP login page. For example, your IdP login page may be similar to the image below and ask for your email address and password, and click to Log In.