Closing Feedback in a Workspace

Closing Feedback in a Workspace

CoLab gives you the ability to create and track feedback items to completion. Once feedback has been addressed, it should be closed out. When closing out feedback, this indicates to your team that the feedback has either been accepted and closed, or rejected and closed.

To close feedback, there are two ways to do so:

Option 1: Clicking the checkmark on the feedback card (in the viewer or feedback list) is the only way to close short-form feedback and the quickest way to close the long-form feedback as ‘Closed (Accepted)’.

Option 2: From ‘Feedback Details,’ a status dropdown menu can be used to change the status


  • When feedback is closed, it is still saved and available with the file. Using the feedback filters, users can simply toggle on closed feedback items to view them at their discretion
  • Closed (Accepted) is denoted as green everywhere in the CoLab application
  • Closed (Rejected) is denoted as red everywhere in the CoLab application