Adding Feedback To a Drawing Review

Adding Feedback To a Drawing Review

Step 1: Select the markup tool of your choosing and create markup(s)

Click a markup tool to annotate the PDF. 

  • Tip: To add multiple markups under one issue, click the ‘-’ button to minimize the pop-up issue card, add more markups, then add text and save the issue when you’re ready.

Step 2: SAVE the markup using the issue system when you are done!

To save markups, you must create an ‘issue’ using the issue card. Show the issue card using the blue ‘+’ button, and hide the issue card by clicking the blue ‘-’ button next to the markup.

Step 3: Change the issue status and assign the issue to someone

Once you click ‘Save’, the orange square icon means that the issue status is ‘Open’. We recommend changing the issue status as your team progress the issue. Issues with action items should start as ‘Open’. For informational-type issues, use ‘Informational’. Click the person icon to assign a user to the issue.

Step 4: Edit the issue after saving

Click on the issue pop-up card and the full issue will display on the left. Here, you can edit the issue and add more details.

Step 5: Managing issues from the Issues app in the right sidebar

To view only the issues associated with a specific file, open the file and click the ‘Issues’ button in the right sidebar to open the Issues app. This lists all the issues on that file. To edit an issue, click the ‘Choose Option’ menu and select ‘Edit.

Step 6: Closing issues and showing closed markups

To close an issue, click on the issue status button on the issue card and select ‘Closed’.

  • Tip: Closed issues disappear from your issue list, but can be viewed by clicking the ‘Settings’ Menu in the markup toolbar and selecting ‘Show Closed Markups’.