Adding Feedback in 3D

Adding Feedback in 3D

When reviewing a 3D model in CoLab, you can easily bring comments, feedback, and design issues to the attention of your team, stakeholders, customers and partners.

You can add feedback directly on a 3D model to bring attention to an issue or comment. You can then assign the feedback to a reviewer, and add more information including due date, description, and more. After saving feedback, it will automatically populate into your feedback list on the right hand side of CoLab.

Step 1: Navigate to the CoLab Drive within a workspace and open the desired 3D model

Step 2: Select the ‘Pin Feedback’ button

Drop the pin on the highlighted component or surface

Note: Multiple pins can be linked to the same feedback item by continuing to drop pins prior to saving the feedback item. Feedback items in the feedback list link to the specific view you used when saving the feedback item(s).

Step 3: Save the 3D Pin(s) as Feedback

  • Enter a summary for the feedback to describe the issue or comment
  • Add tags to classify the feedback
  • To assign the feedback to another CoLab user, select an Assignee from the dropdown list
  • Click the up arrow to create the feedback

Once saved, feedback items will automatically populate into the feedback list (found by clicking the ‘Feedback’ button on the right side of your screen).

Step 4 (optional): Add additional details to the Feedback

Click the ‘Feedback’ button on the right to open the Feedback list. The Feedback list displays all of the feedback that has been created by any user in the workspace on the particular file that you have open in the Viewer.

Click the ‘Show More’ button to add additional details to the feedback item. For information on best practices for adding feedback details, see Feedback Details.

The unique Feedback key, revision of the file, and number of discussion replies are now displayed on the Feedback card.

You can also leave Feedback that applies to the file as a whole, and not to a specific part of the file. To leave a general comment, click the ‘General Feedback’ icon. 

Users can see the number of unresolved Feedback on a file from the Drive panel. If there are multiple revisions, a count of unresolved Feedback on each revision is displayed giving users full visibility into the status of Feedback in a file without having to open the file.