3D Model Browser

3D Model Browser

The Model Browser allows you to view non-geometric information related to the file, such as model hierarchy, file metadata, views and configurations (from native CAD files). It allows the user to search for and select items within a model and control their visibility.

The the 3D model browser icon is found on the 3D toolbar and allows users to view 3D models mimicking their 3D design tool. Clicking on the 3D model browser opens a hierarchical view of the model geometry. For Assemblies, the structure of parts and assemblies will be shown. For multibody solid models, the various solid bodies in the model. 

Support for a new view type - Bill of materials (BOM) is coming in the latter part of 2021.

Navigating the Model Browser

  1. Click the Model Browser icon in the 3D model toolbar to open the Model Browser
  2. Once opened, you can resize the Model Browser by dragging the bottom right corner of the window

     3. Use the ‘Filter by Keyword’ search to search for a part

Hide and show parts in the assembly:
  1. To hide and show a part or sub-assembly, click the eye icon to the right of each part name under the ‘Model View’ tab
Change the model view on designs using your native CAD tool:
  1. To select from a list of various model views, click the Views tab
  2. To return to a ‘home’ view of the model, click ‘Home’ in the list of views


Configurations are saved states of the model from your original CAD tool that are pulled into CoLab for viewing. If you do not see your configurations when using this feature, please contact support@colabsoftware.com. 

Properties Menu

  1. The Properties menu will always display at the bottom of the Model Browser Menu
  2. Click on a part under the Model Tree tab to pull up the Properties for that part
  3. The Properties menu will display the properties imported from your CAD tool