3D Model Browser

3D Model Browser

Model Browser

Lists the model by sub-assemblies and parts, with a properties menu.

Navigating the Model Browser:

  1. Click the Model Browser icon in the 3D model toolbar to open the Model Browser
  2. Open opened, you can resize the Model Browser by dragging the bottom right corner of the window
  3. Use the ‘Filter by Keyword’ search to search for a part

Hide and show parts in the assembly:

  1. To hide and show a part or sub-assembly, click the eye icon to the right of each part name under the ‘Model View’ tab

Change the model view:

  1. To select from a list of various model views, click the Views tab within the Model Browser window
  2. To return to a ‘home’ view of the model, click ‘Home’ in the list of views

Properties Menu:

  1. The Properties menu will always display at the bottom of the Model Browser Menu
  2. Click on a part under the Model Tree tab to pull up the Properties for that part
  3. The Properties menu will display the properties imported from your CAD tool