3D Measurement

3D Measurement

The 3D Measurement Tools allow you to measure 3D models including measuring edges, radius and diameter, measuring the angle between faces and points, point to point measurements, and measuring the distance between any combination of faces, edges, and circle centres. The 3D Measurement Tools are found on the 3D toolbar:

You can click and drag measurements to adjust the measurement’s location in the Viewer. You can also suppress the X, Y, and/or Z measurements for the Measure Point to Point and Measure Distance tools. To suppress a measurement, click the absolute measurement and X, Y, and Z icons should appear next to the absolute measurement.

Click the axis measurements you want to suppress.

The CoLab Viewer relies on Boundary Representation (BREP) data for measurement tools. For file formats that do not have BREP data, the measurement tools that rely on BREP data will be hidden.

Measurement Tips:

  1. To exit out of a measurement tool, hit ‘Esc’ on your keyboard.
  1. To change the units of measurement or number of decimal places, click the ‘Settings’ icon on the 3D toolbar and change your measurement preferences under the ‘General’ tab. For more information on the Settings menu, see 3D Viewer Settings.