3D Exploded Views

3D Exploded Views

Exploded views make it easier for you to mentally reconstruct a 3D model.

Exploding the Entire 3D Model

Explode Menu

The Explode tool on the 3D toolbar allows you to create an exploded view of the entire 3D model.

To explode the model:

Click the Explode tool and drag the slider to increase or decrease the degree to which your model is exploded. Note: this feature currently explodes the model around its center and in all directions, but in Q4 2021 we will add more options for exploding the model.

To reset the model:

Drag the toggle back to its original position or right click any part on the model and select ‘Reset Viewer’

Manually Exploding the 3D Model by Selection

You can also explode a single part or sub-assembly of a 3D model using the 'Show Handles' tool. This gives you the ability to explode and interrogate a small selection of the model, instead of exploding the entire 3D model from its center point.

To explode a single part or sub-assembly:
  1. Right click on the part you wish to explode (Pro Tip: double click the part to climb up the part tree. You can keep clicking until the entire model is selected)
  2. Select ‘Show Handles’ from the right click context menu
  3. Once the xyz triad appears (as shown below), move and/or interrogate the part or sub-assembly as desired.